Can my dog play with other dogs during group classes?

No.  We strongly discourage leashed dogs from engaging in face-to-face greetings or play with each other. This precaution is rooted in our belief that such interactions can be problematic, especially when a dog may exhibit fear or protective behaviors.

Dogs can react for various reasons, including fear, aggression, or overexcitement. Considering the safety of all parties involved, it’s crucial to recognize that in such situations, a dog’s natural instinct might trigger a fight or flight response. An unleashed dog has the option to leave the area, but a leashed dog may feel confined and, consequently, display unnaturally aggressive behavior.

This precaution is particularly emphasized in group classes, where dogs are learning to socialize appropriately in public while leashed. Our primary concern is creating a safe and positive environment for both dogs and their owners to foster effective learning and socialization.

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